follow up: FDA Panel recommends against resuming sales of silicone breast implant In yet another step toward a society dominated by fear of lawsuits or bad polls and away from personal responsibility and scientific objectivity, an FDA panel voted 5-4 not to recommend resuming sales of Inamed's silicone breast implants. The only issue those voting against tried to hang their hat on was how long it might take for an implant to rupture. What they somehow ignored was the tremendous body (no pun intended) of data showing no correlation between a ruptured implant and any disease or serious medical problem. People must be allowed to make their own informed decisions. There are many thousands of women who would choose to have these implants even knowing the rupture risk. There is no governmental or public health interest in keeping them from having that choice.
  • T. F. Stern
    Comment from: T. F. Stern
    04/12/05 @ 11:50:10 pm

    Problem here Ross is that "these" women will sue if their implants rupture and will file insurance claims against their health insurance to repair the damage once it occurs. They will want to blame anyone but themselves when that happens. I think the FDA was right on this one. I can't believe they would allow it to happen again. They are taking precaution on this one. Maybe the people who develope breast implants can come up with a safer option. Lucy Stern

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    04/13/05 @ 06:26:50 pm

    Hi Lucy, I totally a disagree. If people are told the risks they should be allowed to make that choice. Just like buying a small fast car or going bungee jumping. We can not allow personal decisions to be determined by fear of lawsuits, especially when there is NO science behind the argument against a product. Insurance companies can deal with the risk in their contracts if they want to. It's clearly none of the government's business. What's next? I can't buy a Ferrari, I can't eat fast food, I can't go snowboarding? We must get rid of every possible aspect of the Nanny State. Ross