Get the federal government out of marriage

I've written for years on these pages that I oppose gay marriage only to the extent of federal government involvement. More fundamentally, I believe any two people should have the right to make any contract they want to (as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others) and that government should not favor or disfavor particular contracts based on some particular group's moral judgments.

Therefore, it does my heart good to see a more-conservative-than-libertarian web page like the American Spectator feature an article like that by Aaron Goldstein (perhaps not surprising that he, like me, is Jewish -- something I assume by his name since I don't know him) entitled "It's not its business" and arguing that by deciding not to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration "made the right decision even if it was made for all the wrong reasons."

You can read Goldstein's piece here:

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