Heartland Institute 4th Int'l Conference on Climate Change

I'm keeping this very short because I'm busy attending "breakout sessions" at the Heartland Institute Climate Change conference in Chicago. It's a who's who of the realist side of the climate debate, with a list of speakers including Richard Lindzen, Steve McIntyre, Pat Michaels, Fred Singer, Joe D'Aleo, Lord Christopher Monckton, and many others. It's been a fascinating couple of days so far and I'm sure today, the last day, will be equally great. I'll be writing up a longer article (probably) for Human Events in the next day or so. Allow me to just share with you a couple of great thoughts and quotes: Nils-Axel Morner: If sea level were rising, earth rotation would be slowing, but it’s not...because sea levels are not rising, QED. Bob Carter: "In using IPCC advice to set their policies, national governments are negligent and fail utterly to do their duty to their people." Don Easterbrook: "We have begun global cooling which I predicted in 1998." Richard Lindzen: "The claims that earth has been warming and that man’s activities have contributed to warming are trivially true and essentially meaningless in terms of alarm."
  • Mark Smither
    Comment from: Mark Smither
    05/18/10 @ 01:45:03 pm

    Could you ask Dr Morner about "dowsing" if you get the chance? He's supposed to be one of the foremost experts in the world.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    05/18/10 @ 04:33:23 pm

    Mark, I could have asked him if you sent the note earlier! I had a conversation with him but the conference was over by the time I got your note. rgk