Help for a friend (need orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon opinion)

Hello all,

I'm always reticent to use these pages for appeals for assistance, but a friend of mine could use some professional advice that I'm not qualified to give and I'm hoping that someone reading this pages can be of direct or indirect help.

My friend is a Denver-area policeman, and a former commando in the Royal Marines.

He moved to the United States with his family, loves this country, and hoped to make his future here.

He was injured while on duty and suffered a jarring, twisting injury to his head and neck which has apparently caused disc dislocation/damage and perhaps other damage that I don't fully understand. The disc is now pressing on a nerve which is causing him to lose his grip in his right hand. Losing his grip will end his career as a police officer and, obviously, dramatically limit any future employment opportunities.

He is not a wealthy man.

As it stands, he fears losing his career, his home, and his ability to stay in the United States.

He feels that local officials, the insurance company, and the workman's comp system are treating him very shabbily, and he doesn't trust their advice, whether medical or otherwise. So far, based on advice from an overseas friend of his who is a doctor, he has refused spinal fusion surgery. He also refused cortisone injections because when it was suggested to him was just when the news was coming out about the contaminated steroid injections causing meningitis.

If you are, or if you know, an orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon or other qualified doctor who would be willing to see my friend and give him expert advice based on a basic examination (I'm not sure if he has imaging available to show), at little or no cost, I would be very grateful.

Please get in touch with me at rossputin(at)rossputin(dot)com if you might be able to offer any assistance.

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