Ross hosting for Mike Rosen today

On this Independence Day, I'll have the privilege of sitting in for Mike Rosen on News Radio 850 KOA from 9 AM to Noon. You can listen over the airwaves throughout most of Colorado, and online at

If you want to join the conversation, the studio number is 303 713 8585.

During the first hour, we'll talk about America. What makes it great? Why is the Declaration of Independece so important? We'll discuss this and more with Dr. Thomas Krannawitter, Professor of Politics at Colorado Christian University and senior staff member with the Leadership Program of the Rockies.

In the 10 AM hour, we'll have a fascinating debate about drug legalization between Norm Stamper of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Dave Evans of the Drug-Free America Foundation.  I hope you'll call in with a question or a comment.

In the 11 AM hour, we'll be joined (in studio) by Congressman Mike Coffman, who has served in both the US Army and the US Marine Corps, to talk about what July 4th means to him as well as the issue of defense budget cuts within the current debt ceiling negotiations.

Again, please listen in and don't be shy about joining the conversation.

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