If I help him, he's gonna help me...

I was going to repeat my many prior assertions that many Americans are economic morons, something I stand by. But rather than go through it again, just watch this very short video and think for a moment about what it means for your future if this woman is, heaven forbid, even close to correct: [youtube]L6ikOxi9yYk[/youtube] Is it my imagination, or is that jaw-dropping? And if it is jaw-dropping, is it because it's such a ridiculous thing for that woman to believe...or because it might not be?
  • grandpamike
    Comment from: grandpamike
    11/03/08 @ 09:07:49 am

    Since we are delving into what people who we don't know mean when they say something, let's just for a moment say that what she was saying was that if Obama is elected things will change for the better for all of us and not if she helps him things will be better for people of color only. What's jaw dropping is that you think that people who hope for a better life can only do so under a good ole boy president.

  • Ike
    Comment from: Ike
    11/03/08 @ 10:04:09 am

    I'm tired of hearing the argument that "poor and middle-class Americans must vote Obama in their economic self-interest." This is bogus. First of all, economic self-interest is (shockingly) defined by the SELF, not some pointy-head think-tank drunk. Second, some people gauge economic self-interest based on principles, not outcomes. Last, you have many like Joe the Plumber who don't give a rat's @$$ what their current tax bracket is, they make decisions based on their aspirations. Can I have my cookie now, Ross?

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    11/03/08 @ 10:15:38 am

    what sort of cookie would you like, Ike?

  • Ike
    Comment from: Ike
    11/03/08 @ 11:39:00 am

    ...the kind that leaves me logged in. ;)