Illegals get Social Security?!?!

re "Illegals granted Social Security" (Washington Times, 5/19/06) PUBLISHED IN THE WASHINGTON TIMES, 5/20/06 The Senate's vote Thursday to allow Social Security benefits to illegal aliens is a major all-around victory for Democrats ("Illegals granted Social Security," Page 1, yesterday). First, Democrats know it will outrage Republican voters, causing more of us to stay home on Election Day. Second, they know it will make getting a bill through a House-Senate conference less likely, leaving the Republican Party as the party that got nothing done on immigration. Third, if the provision becomes law, it will increase the number of people with claims on Social Security, increasing the Democrats' ability to pander for votes by demagoguing as our national budget implodes. The inclusion of this provision in the Senate bill is an unmitigated disaster for the Republicans, the president and the country. The specter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is becoming more probable. The Republicans have only themselves to blame. Given their performance on everything from immigration to earmarks, it's increasingly hard to care if they lose.
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