Imagine a Congressman Who...

(Not to be sung or hummed to the tune of any John Lennon song...)

Imagine a congressman who has never missed a vote in the House of Representatives.

Imagine a congressman who has explained every House vote he has cast on his Facebook page.

Imagine a congressman who places fidelity to the Constitution over the wishes of special interests, even when it means voting against his own party.

Imagine a congressman targeted by the party establishment who disapprove of his independent thinking.

There is only one member of Congress who fits this entire description: Representative Justin Amash of Michigan's 3rd Congressional District (Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.)

 You don't believe me? Check these:

  • Amash's voting record (his bio says he also never missed a vote while serving in the Michigan state legislature.)
  • Amash's Facebook page
  • Amash and the Constitution (one of hundreds of examples)
  • Amash and his "establishment" primary challenge

At the age of 34, Justin remains one of the youngest members of the House, and someone who could be a force for liberty and fundamental principles for years to come if the forces of go-along-to-get-along, of party before principle, of "what can you do for me?" can be held off.

I've had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Justin by phone and in person, to have lunch with him near the Capitol; he is unflinching in his principles and unfailing in the clarity of his thinking. On the very rare occasion when he and I disagree, his explanation is one which even if it doesn't convince me is always honest and thoughtful. I've never met another Congressman like him -- which says a lot about why our Congress is such a persistent disappointment.

The liberal media, or even moderately conservative local newspapers such as the Port Huron Times Herald, have an interest in portraying the race as close although recent polls show Amash with a fairly comfortable lead.

Michigan's primary calendar has their elections quite late: this year, the primary is on August 5.

Given the establishment's ability to throw money at a race, despite Justin's current polling lead, supporters of liberty, limited government, political transparency, and most importantly the Constitution, might consider a contribution to Rep. Amash's campaign to be a wise investment.

My money is where my mouth is: For the second election cycle in a row, Justin Amash is the only member of the House of Representatives to whom I have made a campaign contribution.

I almost never encourage people to contribute to politicians' campaigns, and in those cases it is only when I'm doing what I'm suggesting. As I say, it's easy this time since there's only one candidate I'm contributing to and I hope you'll consider doing the same.

Not only is any amount helpful, but you can take pride in supporting one of the few truly principled people in Congress, a man who always does what he believes is the right thing, no matter what John Boehner or any other Republican tells him, no matter how much he is pressured, even knowing that House leadership will aim to punish him as they did last year by removing him from the House Budget Committee. (If you're for the NSA continuing to spy on Americans, Justin isn't your guy...)

Again, with my money where my mouth is, please consider clicking here and contributing to a politician most worthy of your support.

One final thought: Some time ago when I was considering running for office (I have since banished the thought from my mind), I told a friend who is a true political expert that one thing which I wouldn't look forward to is asking people to contribute to my campaign. She said, "that means you don't understand what you're asking for." Her point was that a contribution to a politician whom you truly support is not a gift to that politician, but an investment in your future, in your children's futures, in the hope for a prosperous and exceptional nation. She was right, and the message was one of those things that seems so obvious but only after someone explains it to you. While that wasn't the main reason I decided that I probably never want to run for office, it clarified my thinking when it comes to political contributions -- and makes me feel not just comfortable, but proud, to contribute to Justin Amash.

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