Immigrants' rights protest march in Denver

On Thursday, members of the Peoples Press Collective along with Hot Air's Jason Mattera caught up with a fairly large march of illegal aliens and their supporters marching to Denver's Lincoln Park. The park was led by Indian- or Aztec-style dancers wearing feathered costumes, followed by hundreds of people carrying signs in English and Spanish such as "We Are America" ("Sonos America" on the back of the sign), "Legalizacion si, Deportacion no", "Nosotros hacemos el cambio" (meaning "we make the change", showing a picture of a woman who looked very much like Nancy Pelosi, though I can't believe it actually was) and wearing t-shirts such as "Legalize L.A." Jason is with the cause...or might be if he read Spanish. There was a Hispanic-looking man wearing a German SS uniform carrying a sign saying "SStop the RaidSS" (with the S's in the well-known font of the SS insignia) who posed for a photograph in Hitler-style salute. When the speakers were about to come on stage, one of the female emcees asked for the crowd's attention and requested a moment of silence "for the thousands who had died in the desert". Both my Peoples Press Collective colleague and I were somewhat surprised to hear that sort of support for our troops in that crowd, and our surprise was proven correct when she continued by saying "And the five hundred who were just arrested in Mississippi that nobody wants to talk about." What a let-down...just when I thought there was something redeeming about the day's message. In addition to the many immigration marchers (quite a few of whom didn't speak English, unsurprisingly), there were dozens of people handing out fliers for events supporting marijuana rights parties (not sure if that means people having rights to use it or it having rights in the way that PETA believes animals have rights.)
  • Keith
    Comment from: Keith
    08/29/08 @ 02:17:32 pm

    Ross, Yawn. That is my round-up of the big non-event with regards to protests. You had two groups: The old 60's radicals trying to stay relevant in their own mind and the young with no jobs, no desire to find jobs and looking for a good dube. I work in the D&F Clocktower and right across from us on Wednesay was a protest (if you want to call it one) with 2 themes: no war with Iran and immigrants are no criminals. Now, seeing as we are not even approaching a war with Iran and anything will most likely be a tactical strike, what the hell is the point? Why are there no signs about Russia's invasion of Georgia? What, the radcials can accept an old socialist sustem invading democracies? THAT makes sense! As for the sign that said "Immigrants are not Criminals," that is a very true statement. I believe the argument is that illegal immigrants are in fact criminals would be a more true statement. I guess the biggest issue with the Liberals, I mean Progressives, is that all their time and effort is wasted on soundbites and not solutions. Also, you cannot have a cohesive message if your party is made up of too many self-interested groups that are just around to be anti-establishment. It doesn't sit well in this country. BTW, does anyone want to tell the anit-war in Iraq movement that it looks like we will be out within the next 16-18 months anyway? Kinda stole their thunder and purpose. But I get it, America is bad, eveyone else good. It's great to be a communist in a democratic society where your individual rights are secured by the Constitution and saying what you believe won't get your arrested an thrown in jail. That and Starbucks...the internet...cell phones...freedom...those are all pretty neat too. Keith