Indefinite jury duty

In response to a story about a judge giving a (potential) juror "indefinite jury duty" for offering racist answers in a juror questionnaire, a reader (pen-)named George has penned a note to that judge:

April 6, 2011

The Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis
225 Cadman Plaza E
Number 640
New York,  New York 11201

Dear Sir,

It was with great delight that I read of your wise response the female juror who dared express an unenlightened opinion.  The courage it must have taken for you to stand up to that horrible First Amendment, to punish someone for daring to express a view contrary to our new social order.  You sir are the Vanguard of the movement to remake humanity in our perfect image. To control their thoughts we must first punish their words. And you sir are perfectly positioned to do just that - a lifetime appointment with which to force the views of our more perfect order upon the masses for their own betterment.

Yes I am in awe. Your courage in striking a blow against that inconvenient Constitution will chip away at the few defenses the great unwashed have in standing against our utopian ideal.  Your willingness to punish the opinions of that confused, backward woman show the same courage Bill Clinton must have seen when he appointed you: the courage to ignore law, tradition and social mores and to impose the higher discipline of our elite, again for their betterment.  The courage that will see us to our new and brave future, our socialist ideal, our perfecting of the common man.

Please don’t stop here. It is obvious that you are superior to the masses with which you have to deal. You posses the credentials and the experience to push the Progressive ideal into our bright and glorious future free from bad thoughts and ideas (as defined by you and other such superior intellects) in our collectivist paradise.

Additionally, I am certain that fear and reverence for your superior thoughts will generate in Juror 799 a new view of the world and cause her to perform her jury duty service to the highest standard while enlightening the other 11 jurors as to the perils of having independent, unapproved thoughts.

Affectionately yours,


George Orwell
London, Oceania
Our Glorious Future

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