Independence Day

Good morning everyone, on this beautiful July 4th. As I'd like a little independence myself today, including from the computer, I'll keep this short: Of all American holidays today most directly represents the true meaning of our country. Today we celebrate throwing off the shackles of a tyrannical government. While the nature of America and Americans always gives me hope and confidence that our country will survive and prosper, the past year has been a difficult one for liberty particularly at the Supreme Court. From the anti-liberty rulings about freedom of a landlord to ask whatever rent he can get (Lingle v. Chevron), medical home-grown marijuana usage (Gonzales v. Raich), and particularly the disastrous eminent domain abuse permission given in Kelo v. New London, our highest court has made us that much less the "land of the free". Our only defense against legislation from the bench is to elect legislators at the local level who will enact laws which represent true American values of economic freedom and privacy, and write them in such a way that even judges with no respect for the Constitution will find it hard to overturn. An unjust government taxes everything it can, ignores property rights such as control over one's own home, and tries to get powers for state police and intelligence services which allow them to get personal and business information without a warrant. Each of these has disturbing parallels between the tyranny of King George III and the behavior of our government in the past year. So my hope for the next year, from one Independence Day to the next, is that our country moves back toward its historical path of freedom. I'll do my best to help it get there and I ask you all to do so whenever the opportunity arises. In the meantime, enjoy your families and the fireworks (both literal and political)!
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