Interview with Sudanese ex-slave Simon Deng

Thanks to Christopher for bringing this to my attention. For today's offering, I recommend to you this 3-part interview with Simon Deng, a former slave from Sudan. It's eye-opening, compelling, and is yet another stake in the worthless heart of the UN. The personal stories of slavery and pain are almost unimaginable. I was also pleased to hear, in the third part, Mr. Deng compliment Israel, talking about how Sudanese people were being killed in Egypt, so they walked through the desert to Israel, where they're being treated well. Their thoughts when they arrived in Israel: "Thank God". Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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    05/06/08 @ 07:01:37 am

    RGK, Thanks for posting that video of the Sudanese man. I moved to Albany Park recently and have friends in my building from Sudan who spent significant time in a refugee camp in Egypt (a nightmare). I've also been spending time at a local mosque getting to know more about Islam and connect w/ those who adhere to the religion. It is unfortunate that the UN, who is so concerned (and rightfully so in many ways) about the treatment of the Palestinians seems to have no interest in the plight of the millions of people being persecuted by radical Islamist regimes. Bashing Israel seems to be a favorite hobby of the world media as well,(BBC most notably) and the only ones willing brush up against the truth of 'radical' Islam in the media are a few Danish cartoonists! On a side note, have you seen the movie 'Expelled'? I have not and enjoy reading your movie reviews, would be curious to hear your take on the movie. Cheers, SAT *btw, you made me literally lol when you addressed the guy as 'Dude,' who kept using the word 'dude' in his rebuttal to an article you'd written, keep up the good work!