Is GOP united behind Charlie Crist?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has announced his candidacy for the US Senate. He'll be facing at least one primary challenger, Marco Rubio, the conservative young former Speaker of the House of the Florida legislature.

The Miami Herald had an article on Wednesday wondering aloud whether the Republican Party is united behind Charlie Crist.

Here is the letter I sent the newspaper in response:

Are Republicans united behind Charlie Crist? As a Republican I certainly hope not, and I'm certain that the voting base is less united than current Republican Senators seem to be. Indeed, although I do not live in Florida, I have contributed to Marco Rubio's campaign.

Comments by establishment Republicans remind me of those who criticize American corporations for being too focused on the next earnings report. GOP leaders in the Senate seem to be so concerned with who will win the next election that they forget it was a politician like Crist who just lost the presidential election, a politician like Crist who just switched to the Democratic Party, and politicians like Crist who are responsible for the view among the GOP base that the party has lost its grip on fundamental principles of liberty and limited government.

Perhaps it's appropriate that the same state that produced Charlie Crist is the state whose prior governor now wonders aloud whether Republicans should view Ronald Reagan as "nostalgia." United behind Charlie Crist? Absolutely not.