Is the media turning on Obama?

If ponies rode men and grass ate cows,
And cats were chased into holes by the mouse …
If summer were spring and the other way round,
Then all the world would be upside down.

Once in a long while, an event evokes one of my favorite historical images: the British Army band, at Lord Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown which sealed the Americans’ revolutionary victory, playing “The World Turned Upside Down.”

In this case, the event is the dramatic change over the past two weeks in the “mainstream” media’s coverage of President Obama.

From reporters to opinion writers, from newspapers to television, after a mere four and a half years of economic fecklessness, foreign policy failure, unseemly narcissism, and a Nobel Prize for deeds to be named later, prominent liberal-leaning pundits and organizations may have finally realized that reality, if not journalistic ethics, demands a more clear-eyed look at the president they have been so deeply invested in.

Or maybe they’ve just noticed that their fawning and sycophancy has meant declining circulation and viewership.

But whatever the reason, the dominant establishment mass media’s turn is as remarkable as it is welcome.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    05/07/13 @ 07:53:38 am

    Since Obama was always a celebrity instead of president, I've always thought he should have gotten a good manger to handle him, do what Colonel Parker always knew, not to overexpose Elvis as to not let people get tired of the brand and always wanting more. The Obama presidency is akin to the drone program, let someone else do the fighting from afar and not have to have your hands on the wheel so you can never get shot down (the Limbaugh Theorem). I think a key moment where things took a turn was the gloom and doom sequester scare, how there would be no response to 911, utilities would go offline, you wouldn't get your social security check or even worse, you couldn't tour the white house to see where all those parties take place. What really surprised me about the media was to see Bob Schiefer reading from the Weekly Standard, a not old, main stream media source for the narrative of what happened in the cover up of Benghazi.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    05/10/13 @ 06:22:53 pm

    Looking back, how many believe that Hillary Clinton had a blood clot in the brain from a fall that delayed testimony. I believe there are other things she was involved in for the reason Obama passed her over for VP. Interesting the media is running with the emails story today although they were willing to meet behind closed doors with the administration for a briefing for a cover-up about the cover-up.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    05/10/13 @ 07:55:58 pm I'm in shock that the NBC evening news filed this report on Benghazi. This is big news in itself.

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