It's for your own good, Fattie

It's for your own good, Fattie.

This is the most accurate summary of recent moves by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Cambridge, Massachusetts Mayor Henrietta Davis to limit the maximum size of sodas or other sugary drinks sold within their fiefdoms.

It's enough to remind you of the book Heather Has Two Mommies except that in Manhattan, your second mother -- most unwelcome in your already happy home -- is named Michael.

Whether it's curbing cigarette smoking, salty foods, trans-fats, food donations to the homeless, and now my cherished Mountain Dew Big Gulp, Mayor Bloomberg behaves, if not as your misery-making step-mother then at least as a scolding, self-satisfied Nanny.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

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