It's (past) time for American Jews to wake up...part 3

In what is becoming clear to me that it will be an ongoing occasional series, here's the latest piece of evidence that Jews should be abandoning any support for the Obama Administration with all haste.  As if Obama's allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons, his insulting Israel's Prime Minister, his Apology Tour of Muslim countries, and his new Mulsim Women Internship Program (presumably not for the same purposes for which Bill Clinton enjoyed interns) aren't enough, we now have his National Security Advisor telling a joke which a person need not be hypersensitive to think is anti-Semitic or at least in outrageously poor taste for someone in Jones' position and of Jones' (former) military rank.

What part of portraying a Jew as (1) a merchant, (2) trying to sell someone something they don't need, and (3) misleading someone does any Jew think is OK, even in a so-called joke, for a man who has the president's ear about national and international security issues?  Much less to do all that in the same joke that has a Taliban character whose only flaw is that he insults the Jew (or does Jones think that's the Taliban's only positive trait?)

Jones has apologized for the joke, saying "I wish that I had not made this off the cuff joke at the top of my remarks, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it." I suppose I wouldn't call for him to resign or be fired over that lack of judgment.  I would suggest however that the content of the joke is just the latest evidence that this administration is neither a friend of Israel nor a friend of Jews.

American Jews who voted went 77% for Barack Obama.  This is despite many years of the home of anti-Semitism in American politics being in the Democratic Party, particularly the Congressional Black Caucus (which has nary a Republican.)

A relatively recent poll by the American Jewish Committee mercifully shows support for Obama among Jews falling to 57%. That's still well above Obama's support within the nation overall, but down from the "stratospheric" 79% of a year ago.

The poll was mostly taken before the Democrats passed Obamacare.  The AJC hints that they believe that event might have helped Obama's popularity among Jews.  I doubt that very much, in part because Obamacare is, if anything, getting less popular among Americans generally and in part because so many Jews are doctors. Despite what Obama says, doctors don't support Obamacare.

The poll also shows 55% support for how Obama is handling relations with Israel, but again much of the polling was done before Obama's petty and amateurish behavior during Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to the White House.

In other words, the Democrat kool-aid is slightly wearing off in the American Jewish population -- certainly more than it has among the black population.  (A nearly simultaneous poll of about 2,000 blacks showed 90% support for Obama.) But I'm still looking forward to the day when Jewish approval of and support for Democrats is routinely lower than for Republicans.  If Jews would open their eyes to the evidence of who really are their friends, we'd see that outcome soon.  I'm not holding my breath, but given how close elections frequently are in Florida (and how close the upcoming elections might be in California), I'm hoping that this Jewish awakening about Barack Obama in particular is soon extrapolated to Democrats in general.

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