It's (past) time for American Jews to wake up to this anti-Semitic administration...

...and realize that a vote for a Democrat is a vote against Israel (and for Hamas).

UPDATE: Before even getting to the tame-by-comparison insults to which the Obama Administration keeps subjecting Benyamin Netanyahu and, by extension, Israel, we have this story from the UK Telegraph about Barack Hussein Obama leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu in a White House office for an hour while Obama went to eat dinner with his wife and daughters.  I have never heard of such a slap in the face of a foreign leader, much less the leader of one of America's closest allies. As the Telegraph story notes,


"There is no humiliation exercise that the Americans did not try on the prime minister and his entourage," Israel's Maariv newspaper reported. "Bibi received in the White House the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea."


And now the original blog note:

Prior Democratic Administration's pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias has been much more subtle than Barack Obama's Muslim-world apology tour and his (and Hillary Clinton's) boneheaded approach to Middle East diplomacy.  The Washington Post's Jackson Diehl accurately describes the "poison" Obama has injected into the US -Israel relationship.

See "Obama and Netanyahu: pointless poison",, 3/25/10

Also, this IBD editorial explains well the Jerusalem housing issue as well as the existential threat facing Israel, a threat which President Obama seems neither to understand nor care about:

  • gstaff
    Comment from: gstaff
    03/27/10 @ 09:05:21 am

    In one way, it's possible that this kind of treatment will have a positive effect. Perhaps Israel, now knowing for certain that they have nothing to gain from US Middle East policy (which, as an aside, is really at this point an oxymoron) will take care of the Iranian problem without worrying about President 0 (zero) and his happy band of naifs.

  • kjdiamond
    Comment from: kjdiamond
    03/29/10 @ 11:52:46 am

    I am perpetually amazed at the Jewish communities almost predestined following of the Democrats. If there is one political party that adheres to a policy that is inclined to reduce individual freedoms and instill more centralized control, it is the Democratic party. I would think that the Jewish community would run away from that mentality based upon recent history, especially when it comes to regimes in power that are Fascist. And if you don't think that Obama is fascist, look up the definition and then look at what has happened over the past year of his being in office.