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I first met Joe Walsh (not of Eagles fame) in the 1990s when I was living in Chicago. Walsh ran a charity which was founded by some people I knew and which I contributed to. The charity, the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation, found smart but poor inner-city kids and helped get them into and through private high school.  Under Joe's guidance for many years, and with the contributions of donors (including me), DMSF has given scholarships to about 1,600 Chicago kids.

Joe is now Congressman Joe Walsh, representing Illinois' 8th Congressional District. He is a true Tea Party patriot. Joe's web site includes an entire page on "Founding Principles of the United States" which would serve as a good civics lesson for students, politicians, and all American citizens who don't really understand what America means. (That's particularly true of our current president, sadly.) Joe has proven that he deserves our support.

Congressman Walsh made news recently by being the first (and eventually one of the only) members of Congress to refuse to participate in Barack Obama's campaign stunt disguised as a "jobs speech" before a joint session of Congress.

Joe has also been on the forefront of championing Israel, offering a resolution (which has garnered 40 co-sponsors) to support Israel's annexing the West Bank if the Palestinians continue to press for a UN declaration of statehood outside of a negotiated peace process. He also introduced H.R. 2457, the Palestinian Accountability Act, which would withhold funding from the Palestinian Authority until it stops inciting violence against Israel and recognizes Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State and withhold US funding to the United Nations if that body or any of its entities unilaterally recognize Palestinian statehood. It's an important message to send to the Palestinians that President Obama's weakness and pro-Palestinian positions (despite recent posturing once he realized he's losing the Jewish vote) do not represent most Americans.

Joe Walsh was one of only 22 Republicans to vote against John Boehner's final debt ceiling compromise.

Because of Joe, a true Tea Party congressman if ever there was one, the Republican Party has moved to the right -- I don't actually like that term because the real move is toward the views of our Founders -- on fundamental issues of economics, foreign policy, and principles of government.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Walsh offered these comments: "I said during the Campaign that I am a tea party conservative first, and a Republican second. You see, I believe the tea party movement is bigger than either party -- it consists of every American frustrated, concerned, angry and scared with how big government is getting and the debt we're placing on ourselves and future generations."

That's my kind of politician, one who cares about principle more than party, and one who is completely believable when you hear him say, as I have, that he will do what he believes is the right thing even if he knows it will hurt his chances at re-election. To put a finer point on it, Walsh said  recently at the Steamboat Institute's Third Annual Freedom Conference which I was attending that he "doesn't give a damn about re-election" if the cost of that re-election were to vote against his principles.

As Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth has said, "In less than a year, Congressman Walsh has distinguished himself as a pro-growth leader."

Joe represents a district comprising much of the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. As Illinois is a state dominated by Democrats, it is not surprising to learn that the Democrats' redistricting map has put Joe into a district with another Republican freshman, Randy Hultgren.

While Hultgren talks a good game, his voting record pales in comparison to Walsh's.  The Heritage Foundation's activist arm, Heritage Action, has rankings of members of Congress based on their voting record from a conservative point of view. In that ranking, Joe Walsh is tied for 10th at 94% -- the same ranking as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  Rep. Hultgren comes in around 90th, at 73%.

The Club for Growth has already announced that if the redistricting map is not overturned by a judge, they will support Walsh in his primary race against Hultgren, presumably showing that their thoughts on the race align with the Heritage rankings.

I realize better than most that recent stock market turmoil makes many reticent to give away money, and I realize that politicians aren't the favorite cause of many these days. But donations to good politicians are not gifts; they are investments. And I believe that a contribution to Joe Walsh's campaign is a good investment for Americans from all states, not just from Illinois.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to donate to Joe's campaign, which you can do at this web site:

After you make a contribution, I will match 20% of that amount up to a combined total of $5,000 of donations by people who read this note, or up to $1,000 which you can make me give to Joe's campaign by your contributions.  (I'll need you to show me an e-mail receipt with the amount or let me verify the amount with Joe's office. Trust but verify, after all.)

Joe Walsh is exactly what a citizen legislator is supposed to be. He works hard, sleeps in his office, and goes home every weekend. His commitment to our nation and its Founding Principles don't just justify but they demand that we support him as best we can.

Again, I urge you to donate to Joe's re-election campaign.

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