Keystone pipeline to be rejected again

Various media outlets are reporting that at a press conference this afternoon the State Department will reject going forward with the Keystone XL pipeline as it is currently defined but will allow TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, to offer a new proposal.

Few things so clearly exemplify the mindset of the Obama Administration and their deep hatred of inexpensive energy. It trumps even their love of labor unions (in part because their greater love is for public sector unions rather than industrial and private sector unions.)

When a liberal campaign contribution "bundler" for President Obama says that she would have a hard time raising more money for Obama if the pipeline went forward, you know you're living in a nation being influenced, if not dominated, by people who don't love the environment as much as they hate humanity.

Every once in a while, the Obama Administration is put (or puts itself) in a position which even they can't spin into a tale with broad appeal. This is one of those situations. And while I'd much rather have cheaper, more reliable energy supplies than yet another issue to hold against Democrats in November, we do have to be slightly grateful every time Obama shows what he really believes, especially in a way which pits him against some large unions, as the rejection of Keystone XL does.

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