LEGALIZE marijuana now!!!

H/T Mark Smither

I have never tried an illegal drug or even a cigarette.  Never.  But the more I read and think and see about our nation's "war on drugs", and particularly on marijuana, the more disgusted I am with the drug warriors who think they're somehow noble, somehow protecting America.

With the following video of a raid on a Missouri house during which, as reported by Reason magazine, a "small amount" of marijuana was found, I have two words to say to those who oppose marijuana legalization: YOU LOSE.

It would be funny if it weren't so dangerous and sickening that after the police fired multiple rounds in the house while a man, his wife, and their seven-year old son were in the next room, that the finding of a small pot-smoking pipe and a tiny amount of marijuana has caused the parents to be charged with child endangerment.  The charges against the parents should be dropped and those same charges should be filed against every police officer in that unit as well as the unit's commander.

A friend who, at least for now, will remain nameless offered this comment when seeing the video:

I just watched the video of the raid in MO that that guy sent you, it is seriously disturbing. I don't even know what to think about it other than to say that it is frightening and more than a little eye opening about just how much force 'jack-booted thugs' are willing to use given any excuse.

I really am not comfortable living in this country these days, one change in the laws or even an act of civil disobedience could bring this kind of shit down on any of us very quickly. We have to sit by while our country is basically being invaded and be lectured by Obama and his accomplices about the 'misguided' nature of using our laws to protect our rights and sovereignty and watch as he systematically dismantles the constitution, free markets and national defense.

Something's gotta give and as I've said before I am very glad to no longer be living in or near a large city but rather in a place with a lot of independent and self sufficient people. If the shit does hit the fan, and it seems increasingly likely , I'm not sure I want to be anywhere in America though, That is a very unsettling feeling that  I never anticipated having.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • gstaff
    Comment from: gstaff
    05/07/10 @ 09:44:53 am

    "In the end, [he] pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia after the local prosecutors dropped the drug and endangerment charges. The actions of the SWAT team are being reviewed by Internal Affairs." (from The prohibition also creates criminal records for countless numbers of kids and adults who are hurting no one. (Except if you count the effects of the narotics traffickers who are several rungs up the ladder from the casual user.) Many police forces, especially those in some college towns (not Boulder, I presume), do not favor prohibition because each bust brings in a lot of "fine" money. I am in favor of strict regulation of marijuana. The prohibition is not working and never will; I actually hope the California law passes.

  • kjdiamond
    Comment from: kjdiamond
    05/07/10 @ 10:08:39 am

    Amazing that we are still having discussion like this but I have to say as a Republican, my own party is at fault because of their "moral" stand regarding the legalization of drugs. It's ironic since I don't think any politician has a moral leg to stand on these days. Legalize it. Tax it.

  • Mark Smither
    Comment from: Mark Smither
    05/07/10 @ 11:36:58 am

    Hey! Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you guys are upset over this. Ross, I still don't see why ONE post could go without blaming "Obama and his accomplices." Check out what some other bloggers are saying about the video. (Nothing actually written by Andrew Sullivan in case you are worried about being sullied.) one quote, which doesn't seem to apply to you guys, but rings true to me for a lot of folks: "I will believe that conservatives and the American Right view the words “liberty” and “tyranny” as something other than politically effective platitudes when they make putting an end to 40,000 raids like this a year a higher priority than whether they are taxed to provide someone else with health care or the unrealized hypothetical consequences of cap and trade." Not to mention what Prohibition has done to Mexico which has to have some affect on illegal immigration. There is a final link which follows up on the story. Anyway, glad to be on the same side as you all for once.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    05/07/10 @ 11:45:15 am

    Mark, Although my friend's comment regarding Obama wasn't directly about the drug war, the Obama Administration does have a lot to answer for. Eric Holder specifically said the feds would not go after people whose involvement with marijuana was legal under state law, but they lied and have continue to go after them, including a relatively high profile case here in Colorado. Yes, the guy was an idiot to be so public, but still the arguments of the federal agents involved were disgusting and on a deeper level show that we've lost all understanding of the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.

  • eodsix
    Comment from: eodsix
    05/07/10 @ 11:43:23 pm

    I think I wore less "hero gear" in combat than these police executing a search warrant for pot. I am very uncomfortable with the increased militarization of the police. It needs to be dialed back.