Less Intense Monday: Spectacular images of the power of nature

Due to the fact that I have a Sunday evening radio show, I'm going to move toward less demanding blogging for Mondays (since I generally write a blog note the night before it's published.)  Instead, for Mondays, I'll aim to guide you toward interesting and/or informative and/or entertaining items that you might not otherwise have seen.

For my first installment of Less Intense Mondays, allow me to offer you these two separate articles showing fantastic photographs of the power of nature:

First, from National Geographic, the first-ever x-ray picture of a lightning strike, captured by a specially-made camera that weighs 1500 pounds and takes 10 million, yes that's ten million, images per second:

And second, truly stunning (even "jaw-dropping" as the article's title suggests) images of a "supercell" cloud formation in Montana...images which you've only seen anything vaguely resembling in science fiction movies:

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