Lord Christopher Monckton explains the Marxist plot to control your world under the guise of "climate change"

Lord Christopher Monckton, who was a senior advisor to Margaret Thatcher, was interviewed on Glenn Beck's radio show on Monday.  During the discussion, which was both serious and humorous, Monckton explained just how much free nations, but especially the US, have to fear from the treaty which will be proposed in Copenhagen at a "climate change" summit.

This is 16-minutes of must-hear radio if you want to understand just what is at stake as the anti-capitalist, pro-world-government would-be dictators truly try to take over the world after last year taking over our White House.

The Draft Treaty which Monckton discusses can be seen HERE and at the end of this note.  Although the entire document is extremely alarming, the paragraphs which Monckton refers to are on page 18.

If you're interested in seeing Richard Lindzen's paper proving that CO2-based climate change theories are irredeemably flawed, you can see it HERE.

I have created an MP3 file of the interview, which you can listen to by clicking (or save by right-clicking) HERE, or click on the play button just below.

And HERE is the treaty's "framework" working document...a truly frightening political document if ever there was one:  (Click on the LINK if the embedded document doesn't appear.)


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