Media and Muslims

Complaining about liberal media bias is like complaining about a puppy peeing on the rug: it’s just what they do, and if you don’t like it then don’t have them in your house.

We’ve all seen editorials masquerading as news and television anchors impersonating objective journalists when hosting Republican debates or Sunday talk shows. We, America’s non-leftists (whether or not Republicans), know the game and filter our processing of “news” and debate questions through that lens.

But the media’s recent obsession with what Republican presidential candidates think of Muslims (or whether President Obama is one), their badgering of said candidates with questions that are irrelevant to the governing of the country, their distraction away from legitimate issues and into the looking glass of political correctness so extreme that it is literally ridiculous (i.e. not just silly but, as one online dictionary puts it, “deserving or inviting derision or mockery”) demands a response beyond “that’s just what they do.”

It started at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last Thursday when Donald Trump received a question so ignorant that I believe the questioner was a Democratic Party plant: after calling President Obama’s a non-American Muslim, the man seemed to ask when the United States will “get rid of” its Muslim population (although one could have also interpreted him as asking when we will get rid of Islamist “training camps” that he implied exist in this country).

Trump scoffed at the question, brushed it off with a generic response, and moved on. Perfectly appropriate even if a better answer would have been a brief parry such as “I believe President Obama when he says he’s a Christian but his Iranian deal does make me wonder about his understanding of the goals of radical Islam.”

The media along with liberals like Hillary “I was appalled” Clinton and Lindsey Graham went into a frenzy of “he should have repudiated the question and the questioner,” arguing that aspiring to the highest leadership position on the planet means having a duty to set the record straight regarding any erroneous or dubious or even insulting assertions about opposition politicians or a particular faith. We know that Clinton’s “disappointment” was sincere because she “quickly put out a tweet” about it.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    09/26/15 @ 08:43:39 am

    In 2012, democrats, in a poll, said they would never vote for a mormon so to them, religion is a litmus test. As we remember, the candidate Mitt Romney is from a well known family in America going back years including his father as a governor and CEO of an american car company. A muslim candidate question is the 2012 version of birth control, asked by George Stephanopolous during a debate. (GS will be moderating the ABC debate as part of the "reform" of debates by Reince Preibus) I suppose the "war on islam" will now be prominent in the campaign. No candidate sould ever answer questions about the religion of Popebama.

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