Memorial Day thoughts and Fredric Arnold

As we live today as (mostly) free Americans on this Memorial Day, I encourage you all to take a moment to thank and honor those brave Americans who have given their lives to defend their nation. (I don't want to get political today, but I have to add that when I am reminded of the huge sacrifices made by young Americans in service of the country, the flag, and especially the Constitution, I am all the more angered by our politicians who have no respect for the Constitution, the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence, and the truly fundamental aspects of what has made America a historically exceptional nation. And, unlike Michelle Obama and many liberals in Congress, I mean that in a most positive way.) The other night, I had the pleasure to attend a presentation by Fredric Arnold, the last surviving member of World War II's first P-38 fighter squadron. Major Arnold showed and narrated some slides, took, some questions, and then showed a documentary film (written, produced, and directed by Oscar-nominated documentarian Aaron Weisblatt) called "Between Two Worlds." It's a fascinating and moving film, covering not only Major Arnold's experience in the War (which he volunteered for when he was a 20-year old newspaper cartoonist...and a nice Jewish boy, which he still is of course), but also how he fulfilled his promise to the only other member of the unit to have lived through the war that whoever was the last man standing would put together a memorial service for the rest of the unit. Fredric Arnold is a fascinating man. A real American treasure. In addition to having flown 50 combat missions, he was also an inventor, a test-pilot (including of America's first military jet), Holllywood film actor, and is now writing his second book while also spending time creating art. Major Arnold's web site can be found at: So, on this Memorial Day, you might consider getting a copy of "Between Two Worlds" or getting Major Arnold's book, "Doorknob Five Two". Either one will increase your appreciation for and gratitude to America's fighting men and women.
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