Mine Your Own Business

I'd like to bring your attention to a new movie entitled "Mine Your Own Business", which is described by its makers as follows:
"Mine Your Own Business" exposes the dark side of environmentalism. The documentary hacks away at the cosy image of environmentalists' as well meaning, harmless activists. *Mine Your Own Business* is the first documentary which asks the hard questions of foreigners who lead campaigns to "save" remote areas from development. Their answers are often disturbing, with racist overtones, but we, in the west, blindly support such campaigns that want to keep people in poverty. Now for the first time "Mine Your Own Business" asks local people about their lives and what they want for the future. Their answers are very often different from what the foreign environmentalists say and what is reported in the mainstream international media. "Mine Your Own Business"...demolishes the cozy consensus that environmentalists are well meaning agenda free activists and shows them to be anti-development ideologues who think the poor are happy being poor and don't want the development that we, in the west, take for granted.
You can read more about the movie (or buy it) at this link: http://www.mineyourownbusiness.org/ There's also an interesting article by Steven Milloy about the movie, which you can read here: Junk Science: Earth-Friendly Greens Camouflaging the Poor's Plight http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,276692,00.html We need more people to stand up to the global warming alarmists whose goal is primarily to destroy capitalism rather than help the environment. It is nothing more than a continuation of the various battles these same leftist people and organizations have fought against civilized society for decades, but this time they have found an issue that they are more easily able to confuse the public with. Another great example of the hypocrisy of environmentalists is found in this recent WSJ Op-Ed entitled "Dam the Salmon", in which author Shikha Dalmia points out that these people who say they care so much about global warming want to destroy a hydroelectric dam that provides cheap, clean, renewable energy to 70,000 homes in order to protect some salmon. At the end of the day, you can not argue with the environmentalists because they will hate any sort of technological progress which puts any animal at risk or a molecule of anything into the air. They will not be happy until we have devolved into a pre-industrial society. I hope this movie gets some measurable fraction of the press that Al Gore's fictional documentary got...but I realize that's a vain hope given that the mainstream media as well as much of the entertainment industry has drunk Al Gore's kool aid. If they drink enough of it, it will be every bit as fatal to our economy as Jim Jones' kool aid for his cult.
  • T F Stern
    Comment from: T F Stern
    06/03/07 @ 01:50:52 am

    I find it interesting that so many normally sane folks can be fooled so easily by the environmental kool aid and then argue so strongly for a cause which is built on lies.

  • The Freak
    Comment from: The Freak
    06/03/07 @ 02:31:09 am

    These must be the same people who sentenced thousands (millions?) to death by malaria so they could ban DDT.

  • Road Hammer
    Comment from: Road Hammer
    06/03/07 @ 09:18:02 am

    A group of friends and I recently brought this film to Canada for its national premier, as you certainly shouldn't expect your local art house to do it. I recommend it to everyone who has an interest in alternatives to the alternative.