More echoes of fascism in our schools

Like it or not, I can't help but think of the 1940's "Hitler Youth"...

  • kjdiamond
    Comment from: kjdiamond
    09/04/09 @ 11:21:42 am

    What is more disturbing is the whitewash of the entire episode and the apologetic wrting that the Times and other MSM outlets have done on behalf of this administration. A taped message by the President that stresses staying in school and setting goals is one thing. Dedicating yourself to pursue those to assist and help someone is another. In this country, we do not peldge our allegiance to a man, in this case Obama, but to our flag and our country. The video of all those idiot celebs an pledging their support not for the country but Obama is scary. When a man becomes more than the country he represents and serves, then we are all in trouble. That is the reason for this backlash. Add to it the cabinent member and czar appointments, and one gets an uneasy feeling regarding the "change" that he wants to put forth. Americans have always looked at the government as a necessary evil and inately distrust what the politicians say and do. If one can get into the children's head that you must trust the government first, then that inate uneasiness goes away. I can't help to think that is the plan. Call me crazy, but I will always distrust public figures for I know what they seek. Power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.