My note to Mitch McConnell about the "stimulus"

I faxed this to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday evening... Dear Senator McConnell, As a sometime-political-activist (Republican) here in Colorado and a writer for Human Events magazine, I have my ear fairly well to the political pulse. If there is anything that the GOP should have learned from the last election it is that given a choice between a real Democrat and a might-as-well-be-a-Democrat-except-for-social-issues, voters will take the real thing almost every time. The House Republicans finally got it through their thick heads and all walked away from the stimulus package. While I’m glad that some in the Senate have been standing fast against the “stimulus”, which will really only stimulate the growth of government, your statements that the stimulus really just needs some modifications represent a huge mistake, both in terms politics and economics. You know as well as I do that Keynsian economics are wrong. You also know as well as I do that in the long run, ideas matter. So why cave in and offer any political cover to the Democrats when what they are going to embark on will almost certainly fail. If you can stop it dead in its tracks, great. If you can’t, then let them take the blame which they will so richly deserve. I urge you to follow Tom Coburn’s lead on this and get the GOP back on track to standing for something that the millions of fiscally conservative Republicans and Independents in this country can cheer for. And stop letting President Obama go unchallenged with his statements that Republican “failed theories helped lead us into this crisis in the first place." If anything, it was the Democrats’ manipulation of the CRA and the GSE’s which lead us here. And if anything, the Bush tax cuts were the key reason the economy was so good for most of his presidency. If you’re going to “trim” the bill, it should be trimmed in the same way that Robespierre “trimmed” his enemies. The stimulus bill is cancer. Saying you’re going to inject slightly fewer cancer cells into a patient doesn’t make you a good doctor. Tell your fellow Republican Senators to stop tinkering around the edges by saying we need more infrastructure spending or that there’s “plenty of room to cut”. Do everything you can to simply kill the measure. If any GOP Senators defect, they’ll pay the price later, but it will do a world of good for the party overall and more importantly for the nation. Most Sincerely, Ross Kaminsky Nederland, Colorado
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