New Atlas Shrugged web site

The Ayn Rand center has created a new web site all about the most important piece of fiction ever written, Atlas Shrugged. (Yes, I know many of you think the Bible is fiction but I just didn't want to go down that road...and certainly at least some of it is historical fact.)

Perhaps not coincidentally, the URL is:

On the site, you can learn about the book, the author (Ayn Rand), the philosophy, and more.

I encourage you to check it out...and to buy and read Atlas Shrugged if you've never read it before.

  • airbusfilms
    Comment from: airbusfilms
    08/08/10 @ 08:38:41 am

    The Ayn Rand center is a great website, not just about the book. I would encourage everyone to check it out. As far the Atlas Shrugged, the book, way ahead of it's time about where we are now.

  • J
    Comment from: J
    08/08/10 @ 11:02:54 am

    Don't forget about The Fountain Head. If you have not read both, you are not getting the full picture.

  • airbusfilms
    Comment from: airbusfilms
    08/09/10 @ 05:39:08 am