Not Just a Colorado Issue: Political corruption in public education (follow-up)

Following my note is a letter from the gentlemen pursuing the misuse of public education resources in the election of Bob Bacon to the Colorado State Senate. It follows on a story I wrote about a month ago. Across the country, teachers' unions are among the strongest sources of funding and manpower supporting the election of Democrats. Now we have a smoking gun that the unions coordinated with a public school district, using public resources and employees to support the election of someone who would be a rubber stamp for them in government (and against any school reform or choice). It's not surprising that there is a smoking gun, just that it took so long to find one. If Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick are successful in this lawsuit, it should put fear in unions nationwide (teachers and others) who illegally coordinate with public employees for partisan political gain. Most of this behavior benefits Democrats, and in the worst possible way: it elects people whose clear goal is to maximize union income regardless of the consequences to society or even their own constituents. I urge you to send a contribution (as I have), even just a small one, to help with the costs of pursuing this lawsuit. The benefits of winning would be felt nationwide. Here's Wayne Rutt's letter: ------------------- Dear Friends: My name is Wayne Rutt. Together with Paul Marrick, I have filed a complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State against the Poudre Education Association. This is the teachers union in the Fort Collins school district. The hearing is scheduled for 9:00 AM on May 2, 2005, at 1120 Lincoln Street in Denver. As outlined in our complaint we believe that the union, directed by their president who is paid as a school district employee using tax money, conducted a political campaign for the election of Bob Bacon. Using teachers, and school resources, during the school day they campaigned at the expense of our children. We do not believe this problem is unique to our school district. Evidence would suggest this type of election activity was happening across the state. However, what is unique is our ability to take action against this affront to our children, our election process, and the misuse of our tax money. Our investigation has revealed evidence of campaign events being held at the schools. We have found hundreds of e-mails, which were written and sent on school computers, urging union and nonunion members to endorse and support the Bob Bacon campaign through their volunteer efforts. Organized letter writing campaigns were run out of the schools. Some teachers even complained that the campaign demands were so overwhelming it was difficult for them to focus on their teaching responsibilities. There are many other examples. In short, union campaigning was pervasive inside our schools! Let me ask you a question. How many of you believe that the best way to treat cancer is to ignore it? This might seem like a pretty stupid question. However, if we do not seize this opportunity right here, and right now, that is exactly what we will be doing! Consider large numbers of teachers being paid to campaign at the expense of our children, the outcome of the 2004 elections, and the upcoming elections which include the Governor’s race, and there is a lot a stake! Our complaint will establish election law in Colorado. A victory could change the landscape for all of the children in this state, and the fairness of future elections. The union’s ability to conduct political campaigns at the expense of our children, and out of our schools, would be crippled. We have the evidence! However, the state constitution dictates that we must prosecute this complaint privately. We cannot even recoup our legal expenses. Both Paul and I are simple family men, who hold a strong belief. A belief that the traditions and sacrifices of those who have come before us demand that we take action. We have a respected, and appreciated, donor who will match any dollar which we raise. Please consider supporting this important cause. We need your help! Checks can be made out to Hackstaff Law, LLC. and mailed to: Wayne Rutt 1718 Tanglewood Drive Fort Collins, CO 80525-2044 970-484-4431 Feel free to contact me, or our attorney Scott Gessler who can be reached at 303-534-4317 Thank you for your time and consideration! Please keep us in your prayers!
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