Obama appointee Browner erases her socialist tracks

In the few days that the news has been going around that Barack Obama's energy and climate czar, Carol Browner, is officially a member of a major socialist organization, someone's been busy erasing the evidence. If you go to the relevant web page now, Browner's name is nowhere to be found. But if you want to see what the page looked like just 3 days ago, with Browner's name near the top of a long list of socialists, take a look at how the page looked on January 5, 2009. I have saved a cached version here: http://www.rossputin.com/blog/media/BrownerSocialist.html
  • Mike R.
    Comment from: Mike R.
    01/09/09 @ 12:25:26 pm

    That's truly incredible, what is she so afraid of??

  • coupeditor
    Comment from: coupeditor
    01/09/09 @ 01:33:32 pm

    In 2001, in the landmark court case Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner, Carol M. Browner and the agency she administered, the EPA, were found guilty of race, color, and sex-based discrimination as well as tolerating a hostile work environment. The case provided the impetus for the passage (unanimous in both chambers) of the No FEAR Act (Notification of Federal Employees Anti-discrimination and Retaliation) that was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The law was heralded as the first civil rights law of the 21st century. Study of Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner is now mandated for all new Federal employees within 90 days of their being hired, and every 2 years for all Federal employees. The extent of the racism and retaliation within Ms. Browner's EPA was so pervasive that Congress and the Executive required study of it as the penultimate example of what was WRONG with government. When asked in Congressional hearings whether she accepted the judgment of the jury, Ms. Browner said she did. The question for Mr. Obama is: Given her unrepentant position on the deplorable conditions she oversaw at EPA, how is Carol Browner qualified to hold administrative position again?