Obama: No friend of the middle class

It's not surprising that President Obama's re-election strategy is to "cast himself as a middle class warrior." What is surprising is that he thinks he can get away with it. The fact that he actually might says less about Obama than about Americans' understanding of economics and the Republicans' particular skill at turning smart policy into stupid politics.

The obvious question when a politician wants to run as a champion of any particular group is "what has he done for that group?" So, let's think about what Obama has done for, or -- more precisely -- to, the middle class.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • Nathan Ballard
    Comment from: Nathan Ballard
    12/30/11 @ 01:02:18 pm

    You really are not very bright are you? Your analysis of Obama's policies indicate that you have obviously never had a calculus class and complete mis-understanding of this recovery versus others in our nations history is almost laughable. Cheers.

  • Nathan Ballard
    Comment from: Nathan Ballard
    12/30/11 @ 01:04:12 pm

    Any my guess is that you don't even have the balls to approve my feedback as I'm sure you self-moderate your little blog yourself. Cheers. PS. I am self employed and firmly middle class. My gross receipts for 2011 are 6 times what they were in 2009. By day trading you won't realize this as you don't create any value for any part of society by yourself.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    12/31/11 @ 08:34:58 am

    The golden opportunity handed republicans is very true but with no leadership, it goes wasted. When Obamacare is fully implemented, thinnk of the pilot/nurse practitioner/paramedic earning $250,000/yr working for an air ambulance who would now be considered rich and not paying his fair share. When the insurance companies have closed their door and no longer pay for the flight for life trip at $10,000 a ride, he will no longer have a job (which was middle class to begin with) and the two helipads on the top of John C Lincoln hospital can be covered with solar panels from China because the concept doesn't pay enough to sustain a business model here in the US.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    01/01/12 @ 07:58:33 am

    Nathan: Yes, I've had a calculus class or two, and I'm certain I understand economics far better than you do. You claim that my analysis is faulty but, typically of Obama robots, give zero evidence to support your claim. RGK

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    01/01/12 @ 10:13:48 am

    Mr. Ballard, I believe Mr Kaminsky's column couldn't be more accurate. If you take the energy sector alone, this is a huge drag on economic growth. Forfeiting a decision on the oil pipeline from Canada is a huge loss of jobs and the chance to affect market prices. BTW,, we already have an oil pipeline from Canada that runs a west to southeast direction through the state so there is precedent for one. Just because you can go back to your warm cabin for now on the Titanic, doesn't mean it's not sinking. You're way out of depth here.

  • breanna
    Comment from: breanna
    01/01/12 @ 04:59:44 pm

    well according to black liberation theology, the middle class HAS to be wiped out. i do believe that obama adheres to this theology. just sayin.

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