Obama's Chamber of Commerce speech proves he's "the same guy"

President Barack Obama's speech to the Chamber of Commerce (video & transcript) on Monday morning offered the latest example of a man who wants to appear to be moderating while remaining "same guy" he's been for two years (or for his whole adult life), to support business while refusing to back away from Obamacare, the most job killing legislation in generations, and to want to cut government spending while offering reductions in discretionary spending that over the course of a decade save barely a quarter of this year's federal budget deficit.

It was a speech full of the internal contradictions necessary from a man whose mindset has always been anti-capitalist and anti-compromise, and who is trying to reconcile those traits with the "shellacking" his party took in November.

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  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    02/09/11 @ 01:28:52 am

    Obama's speech and policy can be contrast to Gingrich's jobs theme. By making a business friendly climate, the growth of jobs will right the unemployment number and reduce the deficit through growth. Imagine for what purpose, who is going to commute on high speed rail from Chicago to Detroit when Detroit is nearly non existent and Chicago is "on track" to to the same future. When we have a government that regulates even the emissions of the ovens in a bakery (http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/bakery/bakery92.pdf), who can applaud the efforts of this administration who is much more restrictive and less friendly to business.

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