Obama's Libya evasion

Before President Obama's Monday evening Libya speech, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell posed four questions he hoped the president would answer. Obama gave partial and unconvincing answers to two and left the other two unaddressed.

Instead, the president spent nearly half an hour trying -- and failing -- to make a cogent argument for U.S. military action for humanitarian purposes and presenting the Obama Doctrine justifying risking American blood and treasure "when our safety is not directly threatened."

Please read the entirety of my article about Obama's speech at the American Spectator web site:

  • matt6786
    Comment from: matt6786
    03/29/11 @ 07:50:34 pm

    Ross - great piece on the O speech. But, please please do not classify Obama's thinly-supported rationalization of Libya involvement as a 'Doctrine.' Doing so bestows upon the speaker, in this case BHO, a level of intellect and thought leadership matching him with icons of US history such as Monroe, Marshall, and Truman. His words, however soaring, do not deserve a berth next to those of true American statesmen. A 'doctrine,' to be in fact a doctrine, is not one speech, but many persuasive arguments backed by evidence, action, and reason.

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