Obama's "Presidential Approval" negative for first time

For the second time in less than a week, it's becoming apparent that the public is finally waking up to the fact that they elected a shiny, new president with not nearly enough experience or understanding to hold the office, particularly during such trying times. The latest Rasmussen "Presidential Approval" index, which is simply the "Strongly Approve" responses minus the "Strongly Disapprove" responses gives a net of -2, the first time the index has been negative for Obama. It's just one day and could easily change tomorrow, but it fits so well with the bad Gallup Poll results for Obama (which were about Americans' political ideologies, not their support for Obama) that I think it bears mentioning. The "Total Approve" number, at 53% is a new low for Obama, and the "Total Disapprove", at 46%, is one point off his all-time low of 47% set a couple of weeks ago. What seems to be happening is that Democratic support for Obama is remaining fairly steady, while independents are drifting away from him and Republicans are moving from "disapprove" to "strongly disapprove." As I said in my note about the Gallup Poll, the trends among the independent voters are absolutely critical, since it's they who decide American elections these days.
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