Paul Lundeen for Colorado House

In the race for Colorado's 19th House District (much of El Paso County's area, including the town of Monument and the eastern two-thirds of the county), I offer my strongest endorsement to Paul Lundeen, whom I've known for about a decade as a man of great intelligence and principle.

Paul has been successful in business, in media, and in civic leadership -- currently serving as the chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education.

Too often when you read pro-liberty and pro-capitalism words from political candidates, you have to wonder whether they mean them, or are just pandering to the GOP's conservative base.

I can say without fear of contradiction that Paul Lundeen truly believes, and lives by, his vision of the United States -- and by extension the State of Colorado -- as a place founded in liberty, under God (Paul is much more of a believer than I am), and organized by the wisest political douments in the history of humankind: the American Constitution and Declaration of Independence. You can (and should) read more about Paul's history and views here.

For those of you who care about good government in a state which has been plagued by too much of another kind of government, I encourage you to make a contribution to Paul's campaign -- as I have done, even though I don't live anywhere near that district. Any amount can make a difference in state races, so don't feel as if giving even just $10 would not be important.

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