Person Trumps Party (or why I'll NEVER vote for Donald Trump)

I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was, after all, a Republican Party event I was speaking at…

I recently had the privilege to be the keynote speaker at the Douglas County (Colorado) Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner. “DougCo,” a large suburban and rural county south of Denver, is, in percentage terms, even more Republican than the famously conservative El Paso County which contains Colorado Springs, Focus on the Family, the Air Force Academy, and the enormous Fort Carson U.S. Army base.

As someone who values fundamental principles highly (and not because marijuana is legal here), I’m reasonably well known — at least to those who listen to my radio program — for my opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump. And so I was pleasantly surprised when my request for a show of hands caused but one single arm to go up in support of Mr. Trump. (Perhaps 60 percent of the room supported Ted Cruz and almost all of the rest were for Marco Rubio.)

I continued my remarks, focusing on the tremendous anti-liberty direction our nation has taken in recent years and on the phenomenon that is the rise of Bernie Sanders. I explained that wealth redistribution is theft even if a majority of people vote on it. I pointed out that so many politicians campaign on outcomes rather than principles, and discussed the end-justifies-the-means approach that has long characterized Progressivism and which explains their explicit disdain for the Constitution.

Please read the rest of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    02/29/16 @ 07:34:29 pm

    Im willing to bet that alot.more in that room are voting Trump, just not willing to admit publicly. This is a movement, to close our borders and to send Ryan and other Boehner types running, for the people to take over and burn down the establishment. This weekend Ive heard so many spout their dissertation against Trump but no defense to back it up.

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