Pied Piper of Permisos

It’s beginning to sink in with the intelligentsia: The flood of illegal aliens (yes, I said “illegal”) and particularly the tsunami of children traveling alone — parents risking their youngsters’ lives by sending them from Central America through gang-ravaged Mexico — threatens to turn the immigration debate into a major political liability for Democrats in November.

While immigration is typically low on the list of issues Americans care most about, it was to be a trump card for the left in turning out otherwise apathetic or demoralized Hispanic and liberal voters four months from now. But, as seems to be the result of almost every Obama administration policy, reality is blowing up the best laid plans of the DNC.

As liberals are wont to do, their responses to the collapse of their one potentially winning issue fall into two main categories: demonizing critics of the president and others who are troubled by current events along our southern border and trying to change both the direction and actual words of the conversation about the problem. The latter is a particular sign of desperation.

Murrieta, California, a city of just over 100,000 people in Riverside County, was the site last week of protesters waving American flags and blocking buses transporting illegal aliens who had been apprehended illegally crossing the border into Texas. They were being moved to California because of overcrowding of Texas holding facilities. Not least due to health concerns, residents of Murrieta wanted no part of it.

In the last six months, over 52,000 mostly Central American children have been caught at the border. The estimated cost of taking care of them is $252 per child per day, with a total cost to American taxpayers of over $2 billion expected for 2014.

CNN’s Candy “I’m here for you, Barack” Crowley interviewed Murrieta mayor Alan Long on Sunday using language that should be journalistically disqualifying: “As you look at these protests, the overwhelming concern did not seem to be ‘Oh my goodness, the poor children.’ The overwhelming concern seemed to be ‘Go away. Not here.’”

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  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    07/09/14 @ 06:55:13 pm

    Quite a contrast when you consider what we're doing for people in Central and South America that we delayed doing for veterans in the same timely manner: healthcare on demand. With people pouring across the border and the middle east in flames, democrats in congress push a front and center bill of the court override on the Hobby Lobby Bill. Then, you've got the optics of Obama in the "situation room" at the Wynkoop in a game of pool, then off to the fund raisers. It appears the money requested for "border security" is half process newcomers and the other half for the relocation effort with no relief in sight of closing it off. I believe there should be a set aside of funds for T shirts that say "Hobby Lobby" on the front with "Redskins" logo on the back. Throw in a baseball cap with "I'm Pro Life"

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    07/10/14 @ 04:51:39 pm

    Reading the paper from some of the Texas border towns, they've got plane loads arriving daily from Central America bringing immigrants. They just brought 200 children to Omaha and most of the facebook posts are in support of it. If you brought 200 per day, that's 73,000 per year or about 292,000 over a 4 year period. If you consider the dropout rate there is 27%, that could be equal to what could show up in a year (about 78,000). You could then calculate the teenage pregnancy rate of this demographic to be an additional 6700 per year. All this in a city of about 500,000. Then you could look at the additional cost of medical, housing, education (additional physical plant as well as teaching), headstart, additional police, jail space, social services etc. and you can see the real humanitarian crisis actually starts at the destination cities.

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