Podcast of my sitting in for Mike Rosen

I breathed a sigh of happy relief after doing what I personally thought was a great radio show on my first opportunity to fill in on a regularly-scheduled show on 850 KOA, the king of Denver radio stations.

If any of you missed it and would like to hear some of the show, the podcasts can be found here:


If you only want to listen to one of the three hours (each of which is really only about 40 minutes long without ads), I suggest the third hour.  Walter Williams is/was a fantastic guest and the time talking about Trump was fun and at least a little bit controversial.

I owe many thanks to Mike Rosen without whose efforts on my behalf I never would have had the chance to do his show -- or any other show for ClearChannel in Denver. I hope and trust I didn't let him, myself, or the station down.

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