Political Immune Deficiency Syndrome

The HIV virus which causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) does not kill people directly. It destroys their immune systems, allowing a waiting disease that would otherwise be fought off by the body to kill them. The American political left, despite efforts since Woodrow Wilson called our Constitution “political witchcraft,” has not been able to directly inject a fatal disease (or at least not a rapidly fatal one) into our political system. So they are turning to destroying the national immune system by encouraging Americans to abandon belief in our Founding documents and principles.

It’s working. With the help of friends and useful idiots, the Progressive left has severely weakened the country’s ability to defend itself from their fundamentally un-American vision by weakening Americans’ understanding of and respect for the principles that have historically opposed almost everything Progressivism stands for. One obvious symptom: an America in which citizens understood what their nation truly stands for would never have re-elected President Barack Obama.

Unless Americans fortify our national immune system by redoubling our commitment to protecting the Constitution and the principles of the Declaration of Independence, we will suffer the bitter consequences of Progressive “success” in much the same way that an AIDS-infected body suffers the subsequent “success” of pneumonia or tuberculosis or cancer.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here. (It deals substantially with the current discussions about the Second Amendment.):

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