Politics: The Real Thing

From John Wayne to Ronald Reagan, from the Ford Mustang to Coca-Cola, Americans seek and appreciate authentic and “real.”  While authenticity is rarely spoken of regarding our politicians – in much the same way that unicorns and jackalopes are rarely spoken of in zoos – it is nevertheless an important undercurrent in American electoral politics. In 2012, the American appreciation for authenticity will spell disaster for Democratic electoral hopes.

Because of the horror that is the Obama Administration and because so many Americans have short memories, most political reminiscing over the water cooler doesn’t go back before the 2008 elections in which Republicans were swept from power in the political equivalent of what happened at Fukushima, Japan earlier this year.

But it’s not 2008 that Republicans should be thinking about, even as we go into a presidential election year. Instead, the focus should be 2006. That was the real tsunami.

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