Poll results and new poll

In my prior poll, which asked "Do you believe the Tea Parties will lead to any sustained political activity by the day's participants, or was it basically a one-time thing for the vast majority of them?", 75% of the 169 votes cast were "They'll remain more politically active" and 25% were "The excitement will wear off and they'll go back to minimal political activity." Thanks for your participation. And now on to the next question, based on this morning's other blog posting. Please answer this poll question over on the right side of this page: Should colleges be "gun-free" zones? I've offered two different "yes" and two different "no" answers to try to gauge why people reach the positions they reach. * Yes, the presence of more guns, even in the hands of non-criminals, makes everyone less safe * No, the possibility of a non-criminal having a gun may deter criminals or allow them to be stopped * Yes, even though it might make schools safer, I still oppose encouraging gun ownership * No, even though it won't make us more safe, it's our constitutional right
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