Progressivism (an oxymoron) won't sell in the South

Re: Southern Strategies (The Nation, Chris Kromm, March 1, 2005) "Progressivism" is a one-word oxymoron. The problem with the Progressive movement is that it is one of our major obstacles to economic progress and to freedom. Beginning with the movement's best-known founder, John Dewey, Progressivism was an elitist movement which argued that most important decisions should be made by a class of "disinterested bureaucrats" who would be "experts" in a given field. It's the ultimate, at least in a democracy, in "I know better than you do what's good for you." It's a perspective that does not sell well to most Americans outside a few big cities on the coasts. Luckily for the country Progressivism will likely never sell well in the South.
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