Published...again (patting myself on the back)

Just wanted to let you know that an excerpt from a long opinion piece which I wrote for the Rocky Mountain News (published 12/31/04) was just published in the March 14, 2005 issue of Forbes. (Free) membership is required to view it in the "Other Comments" section of the web site, or you can just check page 28 of the magazine. And in case you don't want to do either thing, here's the text: Reason for Optimism For those of us who believe in personal responsibility and limited government, our courts have given us reason for optimism for the first time in years. The government's case against "big tobacco" is the ultimate example of using the courts to extort revenue from private industry. The 1998 tobacco settlement showed lawyers that there is big money in going after unpopular habits and ignoring personal responsibility. This trend is even more frightening when the case is joined by the government with its unlimited litigation budget. I do not argue that tobacco companies have been excellent corporate citizens or that there is nothing for which they could be held responsible. [But] we should cheer each time a court slaps down a case of aggressive attorneys seeking out deep pockets regardless of responsibility. --Ross Kaminsky, Rocky Mountain News
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