Rasmussen: Norton, Buck both lead Bennet, Romanoff in CO Senate polling

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday shows former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton with a sizeable advantage over incumbent junior Senator Michael "Who?" Bennet and over Bennet's Democratic primary challenger, former Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Andrew Romanoff.  Norton leads Bennet by 9 points and Romanoff by 11.

The poll also shows Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck with small leads over either Democrat, 4 over Bennet and 2 over Romanoff.

Former State Senator Tom Wiens shows a 1 point advantage over either Democrat.

Bennet has very high "unfavorables", not least because he is an utter lap dog for the Obama Administration, with Coloradoans not on board: "Forty-five percent (45%) of voters in the state favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, while 55% are oppose it. Those numbers included 25% who strongly favor the plan and 46% who strongly oppose it."


  • Jason
    Comment from: Jason
    01/04/10 @ 08:40:21 am

    Bennet's senate site used to have promise to not vote for a health bill that raised taxes. That promise is no longer on his site. Guess that he could not keep that one... jason