Rasmussen: Romney leads Obama in CO

A newly-released poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by four points in my home state, and a critical election state, of Colorado, with Romney reaching 50 percent here for the first time.

See report here.

I realize it's a truism at this point, but this election remains all about Ohio, as Romney is likely to do well enough in enough of the other swing states to win the presidency if he can take the Buckeye State. The RealClearPolitics average in Ohio shows Obama with a small but stubborn lead.

Although I believe that enthusiasm is with Romney, it is also clear that unions and the Obama campaign have a massive and well-organized ground game aimed to get out the vote in these key states. The GOP operation is far better than it was in 2008, but especially given the left's willingness to do anything and everything to win, Romney needs to find a way to win Ohio by a larger margin than unions can close through actual GOTV or through fraud.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    10/23/12 @ 04:59:18 pm

    I just came back from a very long road trip. I wanted to get a sense of the economy outside Nebraska. Nebraska is solid from head to toe, In Iowa, in towns that are not doing so well and the incomes are lower, all you see is Obama signs. Where I once lived in Winterset, it is very upper middle class and you see half and half, Obama dnd Romney. Driving through Iowa, it's also half and half so you can conclude the polls are correct. In Colorado Springs, the last time I was there was 2008 before I left for Phoenix. In CS, there are alot of closed businesses, even what appears to be a huge 5 star hotel across from falcon field along I25 that is closed down. Romney signs were prominent in Colorado, a few Obama signs north on Nevada as you got closer to the University. Kansas is absolutely devasated with business closures except for Lawrence. I passed by farms where combines and tractors are at the field by the road with for sale signs. Saw this many times. Colby KS was a big surprise, always did well but there were a considerable number of businesses closed there as well. Romney signs were prominent in Kansas.

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