Ross honored by Westword as Best Talk Show Host in Denver


(My apologies if you saw this story yesterday. It went out on Facebook before going out on my blog, so Facebook users may see it twice.)

I’m pleased and proud to have been named the best radio talk show host in Denver by the editors of Westword Magazine in their 2012 "Best Of" awards.

Some may note that Westword is not exactly a conservative publication. Nevertheless, it’s great to be recognized for trying to put on a truly “fair and balanced” show, both by covering a wide range of issues and by treating with respect those who disagree with me. I’m particularly happy that Westword even noticed and considered a Sunday show.

I would add that it is probably even better that a liberal-leaning publication like Westword has good things to say about me. After all, if I’m only preaching to the choir, I’m probably not being an effective messenger for the things I believe.

Thanks very much to the editors of Westword. I’m grateful and honored.

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