Ross in for Joe Pags on KOA tomorrow (Saturday, 11/5)

Tomorrow I'll be guest hosting for Joe Pags on Denver's Newsradio 850 KOA from 1 PM to 4 PM Mountain Time.

We'll talk about Occupy Wall Street, and the so-called "99 percent" that they're making so much noise about, and about a more important group: The 53 percent -- of working Americans who pay income tax.

At 2 PM my guest will be Pat Michaels, one of the two most entertaining guys in the "climate change" debate. His book, Climate Coup, is a wealth of information about the lies and motivation behind the global warming alarmists.

And at 3 PM, we'll be joined by capitalist extraordinaire, Peter Schiff, who braved the Occupy Wall Street aromas to meet with people in Zuccotti Park and speak up for the one percent, while listening to the complaints and arguments of the so-called 99 percent:

Please listen in if you can, either over the airwaves or over the web at And feel free to join the conversation at (303) 713-8585.

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