Ross in for Peter Boyles on Monday

On Monday, January 2nd, I'll be in for Peter Boyles on Denver's 630 KHOW from 5 AM to 9 AM (Mountain Time).

Please listen in over the airwaves or online at

In the 6-o'clock hour, Dr. Burt Folsom, Professor of History at Hillsdale college, along with his wife, Anita, and I will discuss the book they co-authored, entitled "FDR Goes to War", including the many important parallel mistakes being made by the Obama administration.

And in the 8-o'clock hour, British author and political commentator and cynic extraordinaire James Delingpole and I will discuss his predictions for 2012, for America and the rest of the world. You won't want to miss it. We'll also talk about James' new book "Watermelons: the Green Movement's True Colors," available at or at

During the show we'll also talk about your (and my) New Years' resolutions, and what you hope and expect from 2012 in your own life as well as our nation's political and economic life. And whatever interesting news happens overnight, we'll talk about that too...

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