Ross on for Peter Boyles, Friday Aug 10

For those of you who want to give me a listen, I'll be guest-hosting for the one-and-only Peter Boyles on Friday, August 10 from 5 AM to 9 AM Mountain Time (7 AM to 11 AM Eastern) on Denver's 630 KHOW.

You can listen online with the link on KHOW's web page.

Topics will include (unless breaking news changes the line-up):

5 AM Hour: How much lying can Democrats get away with? In the past week, they've accused Mitt Romney of not paying taxes, of wanting to raise taxes on the middle class, on wanting to take women back to the policies of the 1950s, and essentially of murder. Truly reprehensible even by the low standards of modern politics.

6 AM and 7 AM Hours: Starting off with Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) live on the air, we're going to discuss the Marketplace Fairness Act, which has the support of quite a few Republican politicians -- but not Senator DeMint -- which aims to force the collection of sales tax on online purchases. Lots of questions to ask you about this!

8 AM: We'll begin by interviewing Catherine Engelbrecht of, discussing voter fraud and efforts to minimize it right here in Colorado. TrueTheVote will have a "state summit" including a tremendous panel of Ms. Engelbrecht, John Fund (formerly of the WSJ, currently of National Review, I believe), the riveting J. Christian Adams, and our own Secretary of State, Scott Gessler. More info about the event which is on Saturday, August 18th HERE.

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