Rossputin plays camera man

On Wednesday, I had the chance for a little DNC fun, acting as camera man for Hot Air's Jason Mattera who had dressed up for the day in an orange Guantanamo prisoner jumpsuit and walked around asking people to sign a petition demanding certain things for our terrorist guests at Gitmo. The petition asked for better health care, but then quickly devolved into brighter lights, ESPN 1 and ESPN 2, MSNBC, a subscription to Netflix, a gift certificate to Radio Shack, and a "Jihad Olympics" to be organized for for the prisoners. I took video from a distance while Jason wore a hidden microphone and discussed the petition and other terrorist benefits with various leftists standing around in lean-to tents they'd set up for such things as Veterans against the war, legalizing marijuana, and a model of a Guantamo prison set up by Amnesty International. The things that the leftists will say or agree to when they think they're among friends are truly remarkable. Here are a couple of short video compilations of our day:
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